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Why You Need A Broker

The Boston metropolitan area is becoming one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. Homeowners are increasingly looking to rent their property while waiting for housing prices to climb. Lifestyle changes have also resulted in more renters entering the market. This is increasing demand for apartments and causing rental prices to rise. Meanwhile, apartment communities are being built and still cannot meet the demands on the market. .

Many people who never rented before are now finding themselves in the market for an apartment. Finding and sorting through all the options can be time consuming for potential tenants looking to rent. Along with these options can come a lot of pressure to sign a contract that could bind you into a long-term obligation. The wrong lease could impact you financially, increase your levels of responsibility and have consequences on your overall lifestyle. If you need help finding a rental property, a real estate broker can help you navigate these challenging waters, saving both time and money. Although we are not able to negotiate on the price of a particular rental, we can make sure you are treated fair and get the most for your money.

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Fee and No Fee Brokerage
We specialize in No fee Brokerage. But it is important to understand the difference between Fee and No-fee Brokerage. No-fee means that the landlord pays the brokerage fees for helping a tenant find an apartment.
Fee Brokerage means that the tenant covers the cost of the broker usually equal to between ½ to 1 month's rent.

Our brokers can help make sense of the numerous listings for apartments, condos and even furnished rentals.

We are Tenant Advocagtes – we specialize on helping Tenants.
Some other advantages of working with a real estate broker is we are your tenant advocate . We can save you time and money making it easy to find the perfect rental.We will help protect your rights as a renter and we can help protect your deposit. We understand real estate market values and vacancy factors and, we will respond quickly to requests to the landlord or management company on your behalf.

There are several real estate brokers out there touting themselves as the best and only choice. Although we prefer you use Perruzzi Real Estate Services for all of your real estate needs, if you are going to shop around below are a few tips for choosing a qualified broker:

  1. Choose a real estate broker that is located in the area you are looking to rent.
  2. Choose one that adheres to a professional code of ethics, established by a credible realtor association.
  3. Choose a real estate broker who is licensed.

Lastly, whichever real estate broker you choose, remember to get everything in writing. This will protect you should any issues arise.

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